black glass coffee table

4 Ideas for Glass Sofa Table That Are Totally Modern and Elegant

Glass sofa table is always fascinating and fabulous because its transparent characteristic makes the things around this furniture are less pretty. For that, here are some ideas for glass sofa tables which you can use to accentuate your modern living rooms. These following sofa tables are made from high quality glass materials which will deliver real high quality sofa tables which worthy your money. Then, here are those tables. First […]

asian inspired wall art

5 Exotic and Unique Ideas for Asian Wall Decor

There are some ideas for Asian wall decor which you cannot miss. First, an Asian wall decor which is inspired from the country where the sun arises, Japanese. The wall decors inspired from Japanese style will come with real cultural and natural themed wall arts. For example the paintings with theme of sakura or popular flower from Japan. The sakura themed paintings will make your interior looks much prettier and […]

metal sunburst wall decor

5 Stunning Ideas for Starburst Wall Decor That Decorate Your Living Room

There are 5 ideas for starburst wall decor which are so stunning and attractive. Those ideas are first; a starburst wall decor that is so modern because it is made from glass material. The design is actually simple but fabulous because each burst looks like a crystal drop. Its overall look is very fashionable with slim bursts which will accentuate your modern living room for sure. Furthermore, the gold painted […]

bedroom wall decor

Get Cool Girl Teen Bedrooms with 5 DIY Ideas for Wall Decors

There are many DIY ideas for wall decors which will make a girl teen bedroom looks cooler. Those DIY ideas are first; a wall decor which is so fancy using colorful strings. Make a cool wall art by creating your favorite word/s in a large wood plank. Then, install nails which you will use to create the word/s and simply install the colorful strings on the plank. This idea works […]

wooden wall art

5 Creative DIY Ideas for Italian Wall Decor

Italian wall decor is always popular for its welcoming and warm style. Fortunately, there are some DIY ideas which you should try when you want to have Italian wall decors in your own kitchen. First, you can make a simple wall decor by using the unused vintage black alumunium baking pan. You can install a nail in the wall and then you can hang it using brown ribbons. This DIY […]