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Karma Tutorial - Unit Testing JavaScript

A quick start guide to testing client side code using Karma.

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Karma is a tool that enables the running of source code (i.e. JavaScript) against real browsers via the CLI. The fact that it runs against real browsers rather than “fakes” with a virtual DOM is extremely powerful. DOM implementations vary across browsers therefore the idea is to use the actual browsers for correctness.

You can find more details and documentation via the official Karma website. I found that there is some assumed knowledge once the setup is complete, I’ve used Karma before so I know the ins and outs so this is a reference for my future-self as well as others.

This post re-caps the setup, explains how to get up and running once the installation is complete and details my own opinionated setup. There is also a karma-seed project on Github.

Node.js is a requirement since Karma runs on Node.

For a granular approach to the installation, see the official documentation.

People in a hurry can download the following package.json file:

OR copy-paste into package.json:

Once complete, verify the installation by the terminal command:

If all is well, something similar to the following will be output:

The next step is to provide some configuration for the Karma service. To template this, run the following and accept the defaults:

A new file will be created in the root called karma.conf.js.

If you want to read more about all the properties, see the configuration docs.

To run the tests via npm test, adjust the package.json file to reflect the following changes.

Replace the property of package.json:

The tests can now be exectuted as:

NB Using npm test as a fa├žade is my own personal preference. Regardless of what tools being used or what project, I can run npm test without having to remember the specific details.

As per the Karma documentation, you can optionally install karma-cli to avoid having to enter ./node_modules/karma/bin/karma start to run the tests.

If you wish to follow this step, run the following:

If the karma-cli is installed the npm test line in package.config can be updated with:

Most of the examples I’ve seen when using Karma assume use of AngularJS. Given that this is a vanilla setup no such framework shall be used.

As a simple example we will unit test an app that has a single screen to add two numbers and display the result upon a button click.

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Here is the HTML:

Create two new files:

Paste the following into test/calculator.test.js:

Running npm test doesn’t detect this new test. We need to make a config change so that Karma knows about these new files. Update the ‘files’ property of karma.conf.js:

Running npm test should now display something similar to the below in the terminal:

A very useful feature when targeting a browser like Chrome, is that accessing the url in the output (in this example http://localhost:9876/) via Chrome offers additional debugging.

Let’s add something more meaningful to the calculator.test.js file:

Key points of this file:

  • HTML is injected into the browser (in the beforeEach block) for this test fixture.
  • The DOM elements can be accessed in the same way as working in real browser.

To add the basic calculator logic, paste in the following to lib/calculator.js:

I’ve left in some bugs to work through via the unit tests to get into the feedback loop of using this approach.

Run npm test and there should be a failing test stating Expected ‘12’ to be ‘3’. Using the auto watch feature, the tests will be re-run as the files are edited so there is no need to re-run npm test after each change.

After clearing up the bugs, this is what I ended up with for calculator.js:

All tests should now pass:

In past projects I’ve made the following configuration changes:

  • Using Mocha & Should
  • Using a Headless Browser
  • Setting up Test Coverage
  • Setting Up Config Profiles
  • Handling HTML Fixtures

If you have written unit tests for Node.js projects before you will likely have used Mocha. My preference is Mocha and should style assertions. The default initialisation uses Jasmine but it is very easy to change this if you prefer to use Mocha.

Install (and drop the jasmine dependencies from package.json if starting from the defaults):

Update the karma.conf.js property:

Now we can write test assertions in the style of:

The tests can become slower when targeting multiple browsers with lots of tests. I don’t deem it necessary to run against all the browsers each time, so for speed I use PhantomJS which is a headless browser. I find that the feedback loop is faster this way.

I run against the full set of browsers at the end of a set of changes.

To use PhantomJS, install via:

In the file karma.conf.js, set the browsers property to:

I sometimes include test coverage reports. This can be achieved using a tool called Istanbul.

To use test coverage, install via:

In the file karma.conf.js, set the following properties to:

When running the tests, a new folder called coverage will be generated. Open index.html file in the browser to see the coverage report.

I like to be able to easily switch config profiles as I’m working. When making small iterations I only want to run PhantonJS and without the code coverage report as the test cycles are faster. Once I’ve worked through a feature I will then test the code against multiple browsers and run the coverage report.

I achieve this by using environment variables. I update the package.json with:

If I execute npm run full-test I will get the slower test run, covering more browsers and including the coverage report.

You can see how I have achieved this by reviewing the files/folders from the karma-seed project:

In the example test provided an HTML fixture is injected:

The inject/remove boilerplate code can become tedious as the number of tests grow. There are many additional plug-ins and approaches to solving this problem. I’ve used:

Once configured the HTML fixtures can be kept in HTML files which can be loaded in the style of:

Keep DOM accessor code out of Tests

This is a personal preference concerning style. The test example given previously had code to find elements in the test method e.g. document.getElementById. This additional detail can muddy the tests making them less readable.

I like to abstract this away to make highly readable tests and cut down on the duplicate setup code. Here is an example of how I prefer the tests to look:

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