Karma does not exist

karma does not exist

Karma does not exist

Sifu as you have mentioned in the teachings that Samsara is Nirvana and Nirvana is Samsara, does karma also arise in "the mind"? Does it only exist when "the mind" arises to the three poisons of greed, anger and delusion, and thus not existing when the mind is "empty" ?

Much depends on what you mean by "mind". If we take mind here to mean your personal mind, yes, karma arises in the mind. Karma, or cause and effect, exists only in the phenomenal realm. In transcendental Cosmic Reality, there is no karma. In other words, karma does not arise in the Universal Mind.

No, besides the three poisons of greed, anger and delusion, karma also arises when the personal mind thinks of good thoughts, like generosity, peace and understanding. Evil karma arises from evil thoughts, and good karma arises from good thoughts. Indeed it is because of the thought or feeling of great compassion that Bodhisattvas postpone attaining Buddhahood, and Buddhas return to the phenomenal realm as Bodhisattvas.

Yes, karma does not exist if the personal mind is perfectly empty, in which case it merges with the Universal Mind as undifferentiated.

- Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

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The above is reproduced from the thread 10 Questions for Grandmaster: Legacy of Bodhdharma in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.

gulp and karma, file karma.conf.js does not exist

I have a basic AngularJS app and want to have all my terminal command run with gulp tasks eg $ gulp dev for the development server and $ gulp unitTest for testing etc.

I have installed Gulp as per the Docs using $ npm install --save-dev gulp with my gulpfile.js in the root of the project file. I have also done the same for karma's install and config file.

It is worth stating now that I want all the npm installs tagged with --save for easily move the project around the office and servers.

When it comes to adding the task to Gulp I have to us a relative (to the karma module) path for the configFile option to find the config but then It does not find the tests.

the following gulpfile.js produces the error ERROR [config]: File karma.conf.js does not exist!

note: The files array is a bit of a mess as it still has some, but not all, of my experiments in it.