Karma double data

Karma double data

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OBIEE 11G - Double column (Descriptor Id)

Double column support is the ability in the logical layer to associate two columns:

The double column feature lets you:

3.1 - Build internationalized analyses

When multilingual columns are based on a lookup function, it is common to specify the non-translated lookup key column as the descriptor ID column of the translated column. Assigning a descriptor ID column enables Double Column Support, a feature which helps in defining language-independent filters. For example, in Answers, users see the display column, but the query filters on the hidden descriptor ID column.

Build internationalized analyses that are automatically filtered by language independent codes. (In previous releases from 11g, filters were not language independent.) For example, you can build one filtered analysis that can be used by both French-language users and English-language users.

3.2 - Build analyse independent from the display value

The double column support permit you to change the display values without breaking existing analyses.

For example, suppose that you have an analysis that is filtered on the display value Excellent. If it is a double column, then the filtering will be performed on its code column with the code value for “Excellent” rather than the display value of “Excellent.” This means that you can change the display value Excellent to Superb without breaking the existing analysis.

The double column support permit you to deal with queries that involve LOB data types such as CLOBs and BLOBs and aggregate functions such as COUNT or SUM. Some data sources do not allow LOB columns to be used in the GROUP BY clause. So, instead of adding the LOB column to the GROUP BY, it is necessary to group by some other column that has a one-to-one relationship with the LOB column and then in join the LOB column after the aggregates have been computed.

If your repository is configured for double columns, and you are creating the filter on a display column and select the:

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karma double data

Elinor Karma double data

[QB]I am getting random run time exception when converting BigDecimal to double. The exception is the NumberFormatException. Since we are doing lots of scientific calucaltion, our precision is up to 14 position after the decimal point.

Are you converting a BigDecimal to double, or is it the other way around - converting a double to a BigDecimal?

Thanks for all your response so far.

I don't know if anyone has mentioned it yet, but my best guess is that you have a race condition that is consistently occurring. It only takes a few seconds to figure out what is happening under a debugger though quite often, a race condition exhibits different behaviour under a debugger. In all cases, it's a 30 second diagnosis.